Software Selection

We use our combined business and technology expertise to provide unbiased guidance to our clients to help them successfully select and implement the right software solutions. We can help select business software systems for a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare.

Technology Assessments

A Makewise Technology Assessment will provide you with a clear understanding of your current IT environment and operations and how you can capitalize on your strengths and improve your areas of weakness.

Process Improvement

Today’s business environment requires you to continuously improve your business processes to lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and respond to changes in the marketplace. More than simply automating processes, Makewise can help you design, execute, maintain, and optimize your business processes in alignment with your business strategy.

Strategic Planning

Your organization is faced with an increasingly competitive environment in which change takes place at an ever increasing rate. Setting a clear vision and developing strategies for realizing that vision are essential for ongoing success.


At Makewise, we help you identify, develop, and execute business and technology strategies. From people, policies, processes and procedures to software and hardware, we provide a clear view of your enterprise. Through close collaboration, we identify solutions that optimize returns and maximize competitive advantage in your industry.


Makewise is a consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team of experts provides industry specific knowledge to solve critical business and technology challenges. And once solutions are in place, Makewise offers ongoing evaluation to ensure optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness are maintained.