Best Practices and Process Improvement

Today’s business environment requires you to continuously improve your business processes to lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and respond to changes in the marketplace.

More than simply automating processes, Makewise can help you design, execute, maintain, and optimize your business processes in alignment with your business strategy.

Our multi-discipline experience allows us to help you develop and communicate optimized processes that span multiple functions, departments, applications, and business partners.

And where software and hardware can be applied to automate and improve processes, Makewise can help you select the tools that are right for your organization.


At Makewise, our creative professionals have deep experience discovering, defining and documenting current processes and analyzing those processes to discover, define and recommend improvements that help your organization adopt best practices aligned with functional and strategic goals.


Effectively executing change is hard work and a challenge for every organization. Using the results of a Makewise Business Process Assessment, we can help you implement improved processes that increase revenues and reduce costs. Our implementation methodology includes determining effective measurement techniques that provide actionable information and control procedures for ensuring continuous quality control and improvement.

Process Mapping

Whether for assessing and documenting current processes or designing and documenting improved processes, the professionals at Makewise can create process maps that provide an easily understood visual representation of your processes and/or provide the training that allows your staff to create process maps internally. These process maps can be used for training, compliance and as a shared tool for collaborating to monitor, control and improve your processes.