IT Strategic Planning

Software selection, outsourcing vs. in-house, cloud computing, network design, social networks, mobile computing, disaster recovery, staffing and training, application development, privacy and regulation, customer service – the list goes on and on. How does your company effectively address a myriad of IT issues and choices, making sure that your IT operations and spending fully support your business objectives?

At Makewise, we help you create a strategic technology plan that supports your organization’s overall strategic objectives and creates new opportunities, defines a clear vision for IT and provides a roadmap for IT projects. The professional staff at Makewise utilizes their combined business and technology experience to help you create an integrated strategy understood across your organization.

Our strategic planning process begins with a Technology Assessment to identify risks and opportunities and determine the current strengths and weaknesses of your IT management and operations. We then use the results of your technology assessment to help you set priorities, create action plans and communicate your IT vision across your organization.